Saturday, April 03, 2010

Follow, Follow, Follow...

Dear Road,

I'm not sure there is anything I love more than the thought of you in front of me. Every thing worth knowing is a product of those you've met along the way, and those you have yet to meet. I sometimes think if I had a dog called Toto you couldn't be any brighter, of course I can't have a dog, for if I did it would surely be dead by now, if only those pesky paws could hold a tin opener. When I say opposable, you say thumbs.

I leave again today, only a short hop, but my restless feet put their shoes on before they had removed themselves from the duvet this morning. Two lovely weeks at home and my batteries are charged and ready. My suitcase is waiting by the door, chanting are we there yet? We are never there, that's kind of the point...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hope you meet a nice scarecrow, lion and tinman along the way.

  2. Have fun! I want your life.

  3. Thanks ladies, we all need a good scarecrow!

  4. Happy travels. Have I told you before how beautifully you write? Indulge me while I repeat: You write beautifully. I wish the letters you wish you'd written where the letters I'd written... if you know what I mean... gushing over. *s*