Sunday, April 11, 2010

They Dined On Mince...

Dear Owl And Pussycat,

I've been thinking about you and your story a lot lately. People think it's just a case of a couple of crazy kids going sailing, I think your tale is probably sadder than any of us really know. We can dress up the pea green boat all we want, but the fact of the matter is, you had to sail away, for a year and a day, until you could find somewhere to be married.

I think of you as the Romeo and Juliet of the animal kingdom, albeit with a happier ending. Unable to be together on home turf, you had to flee with nothing more than a jar of honey and a five pound note. It's no coincidence the animals who helped you along the way, are some of the most put upon. The pig for example, so often his name is taken in vain, lazy, fat and stupid, are some of the more charming adjectives. In reality? He is so very clever and industrious, building a jewelry empire to rival Cartier, and it all started with a ring in his nose. The turkey? Surely the creature with the rawest of the raw deals, when all around him are opening gifts and celebrating life, he is contemplating a future stuffed with sage and onion, but he still found the time to get himself ordained in a very liberal order. No licence needed in his church, all you really need is love. Both suffered cruelty at the hands of others. Both found it in their hearts to help out young sweethearts. Although the pig, in fairness, did it for a shilling, but I digress.

I hope one day you are able to return home and show your families the true meaning of love, that it knows no bounds and those who want to be together will find a way, for surely there is no better way, than dancing by the light of the moon...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Gaw! I always liked the idea of having a pea green boat... Thinking of eloping? *s*

  2. I have to find myself a nice owl first! I do love a good treasure hunt...

  3. This is my favourite poem... I have it memorized from telling it to my two daughters, and one day my grandmother started to recite it and I realized that it's a sort of tradition...

    I love your analysis of the situation they are in... and yes it is hard to find a nice owl... and a treasure hunt is the best!

    Looking forward to reading more letters ;)

  4. How lovely that it's a tradition you didn't even realise existed. It's a very sweet poem and one that should be passed on.