Thursday, February 04, 2010

Spring Into Action...

Dear Spring,

I saw daffodils the other day, the first of the year, which obviously meant I started to get excited. About 20 minutes after I had seen aforementioned blooms, it started to rain and it hasn't stopped since. What kind of trickery is this Dear Spring? You and I have always been playmates and I thought you had come early.

I am so bored of dressing like an onion, my blue pallor and and the daily shade of grey that has dominated this weeks clouds. I am normally a fan of all things grey and all things cloud like, but combined? Not so much. Oh for a cheeky flash of azure or a beam of sunlight to break through, it's all I ask. I feel like you are my overdue season and perhaps I could induce you? Raspberry tea? Prunes? A slip dress and maybe some sandals, even though I may have to rock 'em with socks? I need a mid wife and I need one stat!

I hope you find your way soon, I know it's early, but have a word with Mother Nature, get her to punch your card, God knows in a recession we could all do with a little overtime...

Yours sincerely,