Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brighter And Shinier...

Dear Darkness,

Tonight you are banished, it's time to spring forward. Sky is bluer, clouds are fluffier, sun is brighter, there might even be a bluebird on my shoulder. Everything is possible after tonight. The promise of exciting things to do, bears leave their caves and humans leave their houses. None of your creeping behaviour, stamping on fun at 4.30pm, it's time, Dear Darkness, to go to sleep, the rest of the world is waking up. Sunrise arrives like a yawn, I don't care about the sleep I've lost, the pay off sweetens the deal. Sunny days, swinging in hammocks, make naps an altogether more attractive promise.

Please don't feel unloved or unwanted, when the time is right you'll wake up and it will be red wine and log fires all round, until then, take your place at the back of the line, find yourself a nice pillow and close your lids. Swallowed whole by your own sweet self. Darkness, your work is done for now, night, night...

Yours sincerely,

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