Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Huston, We Do Not Have A Problem...

Dear Anjelica,

Oh Anjelica, let me count the ways I love thee. Maybe it's the fact your personal style blows any of today's young bland starlets so far out of the water they could be sitting on top of the Bellagio. Maybe it's because your finely tuned performances in so many films, remind me of a time when people strove to be good at something, as opposed to just being famous.

Maybe it's your torrid love affairs with inappropriate men that tell me, even when it looks like someone has everything, they do not, in fact, have everything. Maybe it's the fact you didn't buckle under the pressure of a famous family and produced a body of work in your own right that you can be proud of(we'll ignore The Adam's Family, nice save with Life Aquatic though),instead of spending the trust fund and talking about how you could have been a contender, you were probably too busy polishing your Oscar for that sort of chat.

Maybe it's because you chose to grow older with grace and not inject your face with tonnes of poison. Maybe it's because you occupy your time with creating new work, writing and directing, thereby proving women in the entertainment industry need not be put out to pasture once they blow out 40 candles. Maybe it's because you and Grace Coddington hung out all the time. Maybe, just maybe, it's because tall girls with strong features like to see other tall girls with strong features, dainty we ain't, different we are. Maybe it's all of the above combined, regardless, Anjelica, I salute you...

Yours sincerely,