Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hardest Word...

Dear Forgiveness,

You've been on my mind lately. I'm wondering if it's ever really possible to move on from something if I don't utilise you.

Now I have never really been one to hold a grudge, and such is my attention span that all it takes is a a new distraction to make me forget about an old one, but, is that really forgiveness or just changing up the merchandise? Is it best to just let go and deny a person, or, to accept an apology with a nod and a smile knowing it will never be the same, but that at least now you know the rules, you've decided their game isn't one you want to play anyway? Sometimes you have to accept an apology to help yourself. Now, where did I leave my white flag...

Yours sincerely,


  1. I think you can forgive just to let it go but, for me, I don't easily forget.

  2. true, forgive and forget are two separate words. Depends on how you feel about the person I guess and how much you value the relationship! Some people are just not worth it!

  3. idgtm - True, I'm trying to get those two working in conjunction

    Roshni - I have real trouble giving up on people, I've come to learn this is not always a good thing.