Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Know How To Whistle Don't You...

Dear Mouth,

Sometimes I wanna dress you in lipstick, take you out and show you off...Sometimes I want to stitch you together, then staple you, then wrap some sort of electrical tape around you and urge you to call my brain for assistance...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Was this one of those "omygoddidireallysaythat" moments?
    I have these upon waking regularly.

  2. Ha! I am in the latter camp at the moment - late pregnancy being my excuse - what will I use as my excuse in a few weeks time??? Always love your letters...

  3. Oh yes. I need the stapler/electrical tape combo as well.

  4. If only. They do seem to have a mind that functions independently of the brain...scary.

    Cow winding tape around here

  5. Dear Letter Writing Girl,

    How cute that you still strive for that brain-mouth filtering mechanism! However, the staples and electrical tape are a lot of work--I've found it's much easier to simply wipe the lipstick off my shoe.



  6. I just keep my foot in there on a pretty regular basis. Doesn't really help.

  7. Huh. Wow. that last part...I can't figure out if you said something bad, or ate something bad.....or DID something bad.