Monday, June 15, 2009

Nelly The Elephant Packed Her Trunk...

Dear Suitcase,

We leave on Friday. I realise I've been looking at you for two days straight trying to decide what to put in you. It's complicated, it's 10 countries, in just under 6 weeks, mostly work but some play and quite frankly, we might see sun. The kind of sun that lasts, apparently, people in other countries have this thing called Summer. Not the kind of Summer we have here, where the sun comes out for 15 minutes whilst I'm showering only for me to hit the outside and be blinded by an array of farmers tans and decidedly orange looking ladies. Oh ladies, orange is the preserve of those kind folk over at Willy Wonkas, step away from the fake bake and breath...Anyway I digress, unusual I know, somebody call the tangent police...Where was I? Oooh Summer. This massive, bright ball of light lives in the sky. You don't have to wear a coat and your skin warms up a few shades which in turn stops you looking like a cadaver.

People eat ice cream for breakfast, well okay that might be just me, no one is ever grumpy, until we hit Italy, again that will just be me, great for days off but my word," tomorrow Bella, tomorrow", is never a solution to something I need done today, but damn, no one does a day off better then the Italians, plus you called me Bella, cue girlish giggle... I'm sorry what's that you say? I got distracted twirling my hair...

So anyway, my point is, if you could find it in your heart to create a magical pocket within you, this is starting to sound like a Celine Dion song... I can put everything I need in you without you weighing anymore than the desired weight, that would be incredible. I in turn for my part, promise to not ram you with an assortment of goodies from our stops along the way...I also promise to stop lying, oh the treats that await us...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Wow, sounds exciting and like a long time to be away from home. I don't know what they mean when they say "pack light". Just seems counterintuitive to a woman's approach to getting dressed.

    Ciao bella!

  2. I don't want to sound needy or grippy or anything but I hope you will be writing letters wherever or whatever the weather? You can't leave us now.
    Bon Voyage and always always pack a good book.

  3. DG - Pack light means get your boyfriend/husband to pack light so you can bring extra stuff, sorted! Now if only I had a boyfriend...

    Loulou - My job means I am always on the move so there should be no disruption apart from Italy, please see aforementioned letter with regards to hair twirling and giggling...I am always on the lookout for book recommendations, all welcome!

  4. Ooooo, letters from abroad...

    [waits with eager anticipation]

  5. I love the way Italians make our knees weak with a few choice words and a smile. Don't forget to flutter your eyelashes, as well.

    You do travel alot...but, sounds exciting.

  6. jealous. New York in that itinerary at all?

  7. wow! Six weeks....girl, you do live! Enjoy...and tell us all about it!

  8. Flora - maybe in my very bad french?

    Lisa - the eyelashes were the first thing i packed!

    Peewee - alas no NY but it's on the cards this year just for fun!

    Roshni - i am very excited and hopefully a wealth of inspiration is around every corner!

  9. I expect as many 'letters I wish I'd written' whilst you're away :) this is going to be an amazing journey, I'm so jealous!

  10. I love this letter! And I love the Italians, they know how to make a girl feel better...

    Looking forward to travel letters!

  11. katieleigh - i am super excited, it's like counting down to christmas, three more sleeps!

    polly - oooh i can send postcards like uncle travelling matt from the fraggles!

  12. Why not stop in Vegas? I love meeting other women who are as demented as I am.

    Have a wonderful and safe trip! And keep the letters coming. XOXO

  13. Vegas Linda Lou - my work travels are not transatlantic at this point, but oh if they were, i can almost smell the mayhem...x