Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ship Ahoy...

Dear Anchor,

The thing I love about you dear anchor, is that you never fully settle, you always allow a little room to manoeuvre, a chance to shift left or right, you will never stop me bobbing up and down even if you do give me a centre.

I feel we have so much in common dear anchor. Sometimes I feel like I am attached to everyone else's rope. I am their anchor, I am reliable and sensible since the womb. I do what needs to be done when needed, ever and always the pragmatic, reliable and strong. Strength that is terrifying, terrifying you said, I think you meant it as a compliment, it still stung.

Everything needs to be tended, everything without proper care and attention eventually becomes a little worn, battered by the elements and in need of pulling aboard. A little tenderness, a little love, a little care, neglect will take it's time to curse you but oh the damage it will do, the scar it will leave.

And so maybe, it's our turn to come out of the water, it's our chance to take a rest and let the winds take control and see where they lead us...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Wow girlfriend.. that is such a beautiful beautiful post- possibly my favourite so far.

    May the winds blow you to exciting places, drifting is good and the anchor is always with you to set down as you choose.

    And that clip is one of my all time favourites- Gene Kelly is a god! Made dancing with a cartoo look super cool. And have you seen the Family Guy parody with Stewie and Brian? Genius.

  2. Thank you Flora for your lovely kind words. I just finished watching the clip with Stewie, just when I think I can't love the little guy anymore than I already do, hilarious!

  3. Ships Ahoy. I thought is said Chips Ahoy. I was looking for the cookie reference.

    p.s. It's time to lift your sails and live a little. :)