Friday, May 29, 2009

Yo Yo Yoghurt...

Dear Yoghurt,

Thank you, thank you so much for exploding all over me on the final leg of a 22 hour journey from wait for it, Ireland to England, yes really.

The way you exploded all over my chest and face made me look like an adult entertainment star and has got me thinking about a career change. Please don't think it went unnoticed that this happened in front of a very handsome man.

Thus it is with a heavy heart I am giving up dairy...

Yours sincerely,


  1. You seem to have all kinds of incidents happening at the airport (re: alarm clock going off in your suitcase)!!
    um..sorry! Probably shouldn't have reminded you of that one now!

  2. I am beyond clumsy, if it can happen at all, it will happen to me!

  3. did the handsome man find it amusing and endearing and then help you clean yourself up?

  4. he most certainly did not, he just gave me a knowing smile as I turned the colour of crimson, shame, shame, shame...

  5. You're giving up dairy? Because it exploded all over you?

    (a beat)

    Then you giving up men too?


  6. D'oh! That's a bad one. What flavor was it?

  7. peewee - fair point, well made!

    Dana's Brain - that's the truly special part, it was vanilla, yes really...

  8. I'll look for the video post on youtube. :))

  9. Oh geeze. I don't know what to say but this post was amusing and funny. Then again alot of your posts are interesting always.