Monday, April 20, 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Dear Belly,

At some point I will stop laughing and you will stop aching...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Is that all you have to say to your belly? Seriously?Try this:

    Dear Belly,

    A few questions: When the fuck did you get so goddamn flabby? Exactly how many times do I have to suffer through my Super Stomachs video before I see an iota of improvement? Have I surpassed the point of any possible toning, or is that entirely out of the question?

    To your credit, I must admit that when I try to hold you in, you do cooperate somewhat. Perhaps you could have a chat with my back fat, which remains simply defiant.



  2. Embrace the belly Linda Lou, rub it for luck like Buddha!

  3. Embrace it? HELL, no! I'm fighting it and I shall be victorious! In fact, I'm going to pop in an exercise video as soon as I'm done with this bowl of ice cream.