Monday, April 20, 2009

Aye, Aye Captain...

Dear Fun,

How good it has been to see you. You showed up about a week ago, I thought it would be a short stay due to work commitments but in true fun style, you have said to hell with work and stuck around. You even brought sunshine, I can't remember the last time I saw him, but my, my, he's looking good. He's always so warm and brings out the best in all. It seems you are also a particularly contagious strain, you have touched everyone this week and not in a rude way, although who know what goes on behind closed doors.

Even today on our day off when we went fishing, you managed to make the sea calm, the breeze warm and the Captain cute as a button! Then for good measure when we came ashore, you threw in a three dozen sailors in full uniform and people say you should never gild the lily...I don't get to go home for another two weeks, so if you want to tag along, I have cleared a little corner of my case for you. I was going to have an early night tonight but now it seems Bette Midler is on the TV, more of your work no doubt. I look forward to tomorrow and I will do my best to keep up...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Can you send fun to my house? I haven't seen her in quite a while. Tell her that she is dearly missed and that I have her favorite drink on ice.

  2. Fun is my middle name. To bad I never get a chance to use it.

  3. Captain Fun and a sea cruise? Where can Topiary sign up?

  4. Roshni - I'm all over it!

    DG - She's heading your way, she just needs to pick up some tequila and a rodeo bull and she'll be right there!

    Lisa - Use it or lose it!

    Cow - Coming soon to a Topiary near you!