Friday, January 28, 2011

Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now...

Dear Facebook,

Don't try to change my mind, we're done. We had a good run, but it's time to move on. You like gossip a little too much for my tastes and you don't care who hears it. You are neither a discreet or good friend and you aren't so much about sharing, as you are spreading. Spreading gossip, useless information, he said/she said and at certain times, playing with people's paranoia like it's a baseball, back and forth we go.

You think nothing of telling "friends" things I don't want to share, despite my stranglehold on my account settings, you seem to constantly change the rules about privacy and yet, you aren't so keen to share that information with me. You don't mind passing my information on to corporations, despite telling me that is not the case and yet all that appears in my right hand column are ads for travel. Ask anyone on my blog, I like to travel, they know, because I told them, I don't ever recall telling British Airways.

It was fun while it lasted, but when people start talking about my life, like it's up to them what they know and can access, it's time to take that sucker back. It's time to pick up a pen or the old Alexander Graham Bell and really be a friend, who remembers a birthday because I love my friend and not because 230 "mutual friends" prompted me to write a witty one liner on a wall, that people I don't even know, can look at. My friends, my actual, sweet, kind, loving, loyal, flesh and blood, non virtual but actual friends, deserve more than that.

So facebook, you can "share" all you want, but as of today, what's mine, is mine...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Oh man - facebook is so Hard. I tried to quit several times. It never had worked for me completely, though. I have always come running back for more gossip....

  2. Facebook is full of 'friends' you went to school/work with
    Twitter is the people you WISH you'd went to school/work with.
    I am a Twitter addict and I think it's quite subversive compared to corporate old Facebook.
    But can't quite bring myself to delete FB, too scared of the void {!}
    so I think you are brave.
    Yours Totally in Admiration

  3. Muffin - I shall do my best to hold out.

    Lou - That's part of the reason, I really don't like the idea that a corporation can make me nervous about my friendships, that if I don't have their product, and it is a product, I may miss out on my friends in some way. I'd like to think my friendships are stronger than a poke here and a one liner there. Anyways, maybe if it doesn't work out, I can set up

    *s* - Uppercut and a jab, oh yeah...