Sunday, January 16, 2011

Down But Not Out...

Dear Reader,

Lately, there has been fighting, a firm stranglehold, as work has been beating inspiration into submission. I love my work, even if it has all consuming, what time zone are we in tendencies. Progress has been made in this past year and I am happy about that, truly. With one exception. There's always one, right?

Writing, has been shoved into a corner, as my mind has been filled with many pragmatic and practical ways, plans, advancing, and always scanning 100 metres ahead. I love the past, those gone before wore it, said it and lived it in ways that still amuse and inspire me all day, every day. I have also always, always, loved looking at the moment. The moment, is where I relish so many of the everyday things that trigger my imagination, glancing over them and looking ahead constantly has made the relationship between my fingers and my imagination, a little frosty. It looked like they were headed for divorce, an intervention was needed, they needed counselling. And so they they set themselves a task (notice the use of task instead of plan), one which would ensure more posting and less flagellation and then they marched around some of their favourite stomping grounds and took a course in inspiration...

Eat it or Wear it or Light it or Shoot it or Collect it or Whisper it...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Dear Writer.

    English is not my first langue, and there fore it happens that I misunderstand things a bit.

    You are not leaving, right?

    I just found you - så plase don't leave!,

    Yours sincerely CopenhagenMuffin

  2. Dear CopenhagenMuffin,

    I have no intention of leaving, I am trying to be more productive, as last year I barely wrote at all, no blog, no stories, no poems, so this year I am going to invest more time in the thing I love, which is to write. Thank you for your sweet encouraging words.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Dear Writer

    Good for me :)

    I am looking forward to reading it. I think I wrote it before, but I love the idea about writing letters - such a good idea!!

    We are starting(slowly) blogging in Both danish and english, if you would ever want to read our blog from Copenhagen.

    (but I can't promise that you will understand our english version, since I kind of misunderstood your post - ha ha, oh well). But drop by and leave a comment, if you feel like it - I like your curly head - and btw I Love the girl with the umbrella!

  4. Daw wow Im very honoured to be on this list. I'm 100 percent stoked your planning on writing more -your letters are a huge highlight in my blog life :)