Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's All In The Wrapping...

Dear Coat,

We appear to have found each other just in time for spring. How you made it through 50 years of living without a single soul every strutting down the street with you upon their shoulders is beyond me. One woman’s travesty is truly another woman’s golden ticket. It’s funny I found you in Amsterdam, everyone else was off doing the things people do in Amsterdam, but me and my trusty ipod embarked upon a treasure hunt, looking for clues and cardigans and there you appeared. I have laid you down upon the bed, I may have to sleep on the floor. It seems a shame to put you on something as crude as a hanger. You are virgin wool after all and must be handled with care.

We have a week or so before we get to go home, I felt the right thing to do was buy you a travelling companion, so that sweet little knitted cape should stop you missing home too much. You were after all, side by side in the shop. It seemed a shame to separate you. Wrenching you apart felt like putting one of you in foster care, rest assured my friend, you have found a home for life…

Yours sincerely,


  1. VIRGIN wool, I hope you were gentle and cuddled afterwards. :)

  2. I never cuddle, I fall asleep quicker than the average bear!

  3. OH! how I miss wearing coats. I have the best coats! But never ever EVER is it cold enough here to wear them. And yet, I still can't part with them. sigh.

    The trade off...I get to wear unpractical high heels here in sunny town.

  4. I have the same problem as peewee - minus the high heels though. Thanks for sharing :) Be good to your new cosy friends! *s*