Friday, March 19, 2010

In Through The Nose...

Dear Lungs,

We are off to the countryside. Oxygen and looking for things other people do not want is the order of the day. We get to breath in fume free air and hopefully the delicious smell that goes hand in hand with little shops, selling items of great beauty with greater history, in hidden streets somewhere in a secret village. Afterwards we get to walk on the beach, be prepared for the screams you will have to release when toes spots the water. It's too early for some, but a dab of icy ocean never hurt anyone really. We've been to 19 cities in the last four weeks, but always on someone else's schedule, so two days in the countryside on our own time, should allow for you to breath easy.

I can feel Shoulders starting to loosen already, and Thoughts? Well he started to wind down the moment the booking was confirmed. Eyes are excited at the prospect of having the time to read a whole newspaper and dabble with a book, but mostly Eyes are delirious about the thought of becoming heavy and waking up to a breakfast that makes him wide again. Mouth is ready to water and savour, not wolf like he usually does, in his endless battle with time. Time is what we have this weekend Lungs, it's on our side, so let's make the most of it and exhale...

Yours sincerely,


  1. It sounds like Lungs are ready and waiting for a little R&R.

  2. Lungs are all rested and ready for the next adventure x

  3. My LA lungs just read your post and wheezed and choked out ""