Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love Is In The Air...

Dear Blog,

Happy Anniversary! Today is our 100th post and I can't quite believe it. When we started on our little adventure, we had no idea, did we? I was unsure and a little scared and you were just along for the ride. Here we are though, 100 posts in and still as in love as ever. People said we wouldn't last but we showed them. Along the way we picked up some readers, more importantly some friends and who knows what the future holds? You've challenged me and made me a little more brave than I was before. There are many stories to be told and many more letters to be written.

So, here's to us my blog, here's to another 100 posts and a world full of inspiration...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Great video. I'm just guessing, but you HAVE to be way too young to remember when that song came out.

    Happy 100th!

  2. Well done and happy 100th post! You two definitely seem in love so get celebrating!

  3. Congratulations!! I hope you two get to go out to a nice dinner with champagne!

  4. Congratulations! I just had my one-year blog anniversary--I hope you've been enjoying the experience as much as I have. Now, on to the next year!

  5. This is your letter from the queen.
    Congratulations on being 100.
    Or maybe just, congratulations on being.
    I am so glad you are.

  6. Looking forward to many more stories to be told and many more letters waiting to be written... Happy 100th!

  7. awww!!!! Happy anniversary!! I didn't even remember when mine came around, which is typical of me!!

  8. There was dancing, champagne, music and romance, we danced our feet off here in Italy and vowed to stay together for another 100!