Thursday, June 04, 2009

I've Got The Key...

Dear Secret,

I'll keep you company. I have some questions, but you should know, if you answer my finger is on my lips and I am on lock down. A gang of two, you and I, companions.

Do the dark ones bring you down? Do the light ones swell you to the point of bursting? Have you ever whispered in the ear of another swearing them to secrecy, cursing your own hypocrisy at the task you were unable to keep yourself? Do you feel guilty when finally you can stay quiet no longer? Do you hate when you have to stay tacit because of your promise, rather then do what others might see as the right thing and let it all out? Do you feel like you have an affinity with priests, both of you privy to the confessions of others and rendered silent as a stroke, by way of your job description? Is it a lonely life? Who do you confide in? Is it hard to be trusted? Do you trust anyone? Is there anything you don't know? Do you enjoy the planning stages of a surprise? Are you a fan of clipboards and headsets?

I hope you're not alone, I hope someone holds your key...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Secrets are very compelling. A group of 9 people were told a secret at work on Tue of this week, by Thursday the entire building knew the secret. So few can actually contain one. Not me. I am the VAULT!

  2. I'm a zip it, lock it, threw away the key, couldn't find the key with a torch and a map kinda keeper!

  3. hmmm, secrets. i have kept a few. and i have a few. how intriguing (of you)...

  4. i think they are one of the true conflicts in life, nothing feels better than a good secret, nothing feels worse than a bad one...

  5. yep, yep, that's so true. oh, a bad secret. it's a horrible thing.

  6. I like to keep my secrets to myself. Can't be too careful, you know.

  7. I just hint at them on my blog....
    agony aunts are always in agony

  8. I have definitely kept some secrets, and will continue to do so forever. I have some of my own too. Some of which I have told when I shouldn't have - others I have held when I should have told.

    Some, I expect to eventually go around our family grapevine - but since I expect it, I don't mind so much.