Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Room Service...

Dear People Who Spend A lot Of Time In Hotels,

We should form a club. Right now, there a hundreds of us under one roof away from friends and family watching television and eating room service we do not care for. I should knock on your door and invite you to dinner. We should go exploring.

We could go wining and dining and afterwards, dancing, dancing in the kind of club you would never stumble upon in real life. Where the people are a little scary and the decor is divine, even the floor lights up, when I say Daft, you say Punk. We might even tango. We could have the kind of conversation that goes hand in hand with never seeing some one again. I could give you the best advice you've ever received, the kind you will pass on to your grandchildren and you, you will tell me to stop wasting my energy on him and I will tell you you're right and delete him, all aspects of him, there and then.

We should give ourselves reasons to come back here that have nothing to do with work. We could find something that would make us want to write a postcard. I will never know your last name.

We could throw water on the heads of the girls screaming for the popstar in the room below us, take polaroids, drink champagne on a Tuesday, swap music, make movies, have sex, talk books, play twister, anything really, if only I'd knock on your door...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Sounds like fun. If you knock on my door - I'm in. Polly

  2. I'm surprised this is first time this letters been written.

  3. This is such a good idea, because, really, the worst part of travel is being someplace where you don't know anybody, and don't know anyplace fun to go.

    Surely among all those hotel-dwellers one would know a cute restaurant and a fun hot spot...

    Cow will be knocking on your door soon with an urge to go explore this exciting new town and find a Topiary-enabled dining room...


  4. How great would it be if one of these days I did knock on the door and one of you was behind it? It's like Rowan and Martins laugh in, you just don't know who you might find!

  5. Ok, you seem to have spent to much time alone in that hotel room! Hopefully it isn't the Bates' motel, is it?!

  6. I don't stay in many hotels, but I totally agree with you, especially about the club with the light-up floor.

  7. Oh Roshni now I'm going to have to put a chair up against the door....

  8. Orchid - A sort of Billy Jean meets Daft Punk one, maybe I could get one fitted in my kitchen...

  9. ....unless of course you're in a MOTEL. Then I won't be knocking on ANY doors. After all, I do watch Law & order!

  10. Hotel all the way, Motel would mean I'd rather take my chances in the car park in a tent...

  11. LOVE this post! I worked out of town and stayed in the same hotel for 2 years--you nailed it!

    May I add one?

    Dear everyone I met in the lounge at the Ramada in Shelton, Connecticut:

    I'm not really an actress on As the World Turns.



  12. I guess it doesn't count if you work in a hotel? Technically, we are not allowed to fraternize with the guests and all. Except we always know the best places to go party.

  13. Linda - that made me laugh out loud, I hope you signed autographs!

  14. Dana's Brain - I'm gonna go sneak into the kitchen and ask, the kitchen is always the heart of any party!

  15. Adam's apple..yeah I looked but the winter coat zipped up around the neck was hard to see threw.

    I loved this post. You really nailed it. I've had a few nights at the hotel bar and met up with some nameless people who just made my stay so much better in all the ways better can get. The thing is that if I'd known this I wouldn't rented my room first I'd start out at the bar and get a free freaking room for the week-end...why not that's what hotels are for.