Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Murder She Wrote...

Dear Angela Landsbury,

It appears you are my new room mate. So far, in every hotel room, in every city, you have been right there with me. I think you might have your own channel. It's usually number 5. I'm beginning to fear for my safety, when Jessica Fletcher appears, no good can come of this...

Seems to me lady, every time a corpse appears there you are, taking notes, pointing the finger, deceptively strong for one in her twilight years, like a modern day super hero, with a twinset instead of a cape, solving/committing murders, yeah, I said committing...I'm on to you Angela, the jig is up, oh you're clever, but it's coming, like a Scooby Doo reveal, I'm calling the sheriff, in the meantime I'm locking my door...

Yours sincerely,.


  1. She's watching you. Don't EVEN think of murdering anyone. Angela and Jesus see EVERYTHING.

  2. Best theme tune EVAH!!

    (that was the type writer!)

  3. That theme tune gets the hoovering done in seconds!