Friday, February 27, 2009

Join The Dots...

Dear Freckles,

We've had a rough ride in the past, you and I. My entire childhood I considered you, to be the biggest burden a person of single digit age could carry. Every Summer without fail, out you'd pop, a smattering across an Irish complexion, which favoured blue as a base colour for it's dermis, no word of a lie. There you would be, across my nose and my mother telling me, freckles, are a sign of beauty. I didn't feel beautiful, I remember trying to scrub you off. All that succeeded in doing, was to make me look embarrassed, I Captain Shameless, with a red scrubbed face. Well, what a 180 we've done, it's February and here I am waiting for the kind of solar power that can bring out a game of dot to dot, upon my visage. A sign from the sun, that winter is over, I'm checking my face everyday and my breath is baited...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Ahhh this is so true!!!
    Freckles were once a burden and now I love mine too!
    Fabulous blog x

  2. Thanks Belle, when they do start to appear, take a sharpie and start to join, endless hours of entertainment.. roll on Summer!

  3. my love interest is covered in freckles that i like to think are a treasure map for me to decipher. i don't have but a few. our baby is the fairest of the fair (does not take after me at all in looks) and i can't wait for her freckles to pop. i hope she loves them as i much as i will.

  4. Oh dear, baby freckles, very sweet indeed, the best things in life really are free...