Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dear Bad Party,

One day I will go to a party where every one starts to do the same dance, at the exact same time, and it won't be The Time Warp. There will be lycra and leg warmers and shoes that don't hurt, there will be spins, but the good kind, not the drunk kind and I will wake fresh as a daisy the next morning and go for a run. No one will be ill from the crab cakes.

There will be handsome men, all of them tall and all with shoulders. Shoulders? I hear you ask, shoulders I will respond, make no mistake, good shoulders are hard to find. No one will corner me and talk to me about things I don't want to hear or show me things I do not want to see. The next day, there will be no gossip, not a bit, it will be like the night before had never happened, except we will know it did...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Haha, that would be a great party! I'll be the girl in the super-shiny silver bridesmaid dress. Yeah, let's dance on the ceiling, sweeeeeet.

  2. Since you leave such lovely comments on my blog, you can be the girl in the silver dress just this once, otherwise that frock is mine!!!

  3. Hahaha! Very true..If you find that party, please let me know asap!! And I agree shoulders are incredibly important. Maybe Feargal Sharkey should have written a song about that? ('good shoulders these days are hard to find')Argh you probably don't know that song!
    And sheesh, how many bad haircuts in one video?!

  4. Fergal Sharkey is a total guilty pleasure, once you've been part of The Undertones anything is forgivable! Teenage kicks is stuck in my head on loop now....

  5. Lycra and legwarmers. Oh my, I loved mine so much. They looked so awful, but I felt so fabulous in them.