Thursday, February 05, 2009

Have Your Cake And Eat It...

Dear Jessica,

There are many reasons to make fun of you, in the way that people with my taste sometimes make fun of people with your taste and vice versa.
You like new, I like old, you like flawless, I love a good flaw, you like it to be gleaming and ready to go, I have no problem scrubbing away the layers to see what's underneath. We're just different, plus you've released some truly terrible films and I'm loathe to use the word music but yeah, horses for courses, music. I thought that allowing cameras to film your newly married life was pretty crass too if I'm honest, all the special, new moments, that belong to just two people, or at least should belong to just two people, for the right price, were made available to the viewing public. The saddest part about that? Your dad brokered the deal.

The point being, and there is a point, you are not fat.

I'm sick of every pound on a woman's body being up for scrutiny. I'm dismayed that this is a story that made the evening news two nights running. It beggars belief that you are still smaller than most normal women out there, yet the women's magazines with the front cover of your supposed chubby demise, were the top sellers this week. If the coverage wasn't so rank, I'm sure it would be laughable.

Yes Jessica, there are many reasons to make fun of you, please see first paragraph, but having a slice of cake isn't one of them...

Yours sincerely,

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