Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Dear Paul Victor De Seze,

"While it is true that the mind is common to all human beings" wrote Paul Victor De Seze "the active employment thereof is not conducive to all. For women, in fact, this activity can be quite harmful. Because of their natural weakness, greater brain activity in women would exhaust all the other organs and thus disrupt their proper functioning. Above all however, it would be the generative organs which would be the most fatigued and endangered through the over exertion of the brain". Hmmm, thinking cracks your eggs?

Now, me being me, I wanted to check you out. I realise, I was playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with my fertility by doing this, as some of your words may have contained more than two whole syllables.... but pull the trigger and call me Natasha, I wanted to know more about you. Turns out, whilst you may have been a tad misogynistic, you did an awful lot of good AND you were born in St Emilion, the home of my favourite red wine. Good red wine and helping deaf kids? If this were a game of cards, then you just trumped my ovaries. Damn you. Anyway, I've started reading more about you and now you've introduced me to a few more names I don't recognise, and as I don't like being stupid + I do love to google = problem solved. Yeah, I solved that all by myself and I wore lipstick while I did it, stick that in your pipe Paul Victor De Seze....

Yours sincerely,


  1. Brilliant - just brilliant!

  2. As theories go, it's right up there with the old world is flat chestnut...