Thursday, March 17, 2011

Share The Love...

Dear Readers,

Well lookee, lookee here, the delightful *s* at Shine Little Light has given me an award. I would like to thank the academy...ahem...but mostly, in the spirit of this award I would like you to check out the three below.

The basic premise being, think of us, the little blogs, less then 300 followers, mine stands at a racy 69, (which my inner 14 year old boy finds endlessly amusing), being your local coffee shop, this way we support each other and go up against the big guys, the Starbucks of the blogging world if you like. You know, the blogs with 18,000 followers who talk about worming their cats, yeah, you know who you are...or maybe we're not going up against anyone? Maybe I just woke up feisty? Maybe it's just a nice way to let you know about some of my favourites? Not least being the delightful lady above who nominated me. The ones down the left sidebar are always worth a look too...

Seeds and Stitches Always informative, interesting and inspiring, me likee, me likee a lot.

Found,now home Never before has one blog been so responsible for making my tea loving, Irish heart, backflip.

Sighs and Whispers Oh where to start, suffice to say, where does she find these photos? Beautiful.

I hope you enjoy, I know I do...

Yours sincerely,


  1. I Like your blog (and musical accompaniments!)
    Thanks for reminding me about Heaven 17...had totally forgotten them...could still remember lyrics though Ha!

  2. I have a whopping following of 51 readers and it makes my heart race if another joins in... even when I get a comment or two also! Some of the big blogs say hello in a post and get 200+ comments from the readers.

    Green with envy? who me? (lol) great post as always!

  3. What a great style you have. Just added you to my bloglovin profile so I won't miss another beautifully written letter.