Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Killing Me Softly...

Dear Sara Lund's Jumper,

I feel like you broke up with me.
I watched you for twenty episodes, I saw you chase the bad guy, take on the suits, get kidnapped, fail, dust yourself off and get right back on the horse. I watched you keep her warm as she eyeballed potential suspect after potential suspect and now, now you are gone. I invested in 20, yes 20, hours of you and now you leave my life and I am bereft. No more sweet, cosy, jumper shall I covet thee as I spend far too much of my time off watching you on catch up tv.

Oh jumper, it breaks my heart to think of you stuffed in a wardrobe room somewhere in Denmark, still at least you'll be warm. If I keep you on my screen saver does that qualify as stalking and warrant an investigation? What's Danish for 999..?

Yours sincerely.


  1. Dear Writer.

    It's 112.

    I fell in love with it as well, and asked my mom to knit me one. She never did, and the jumper and I have sort of drifted apart...

    I also fell very much in love with Troels Hartman. My mom couldn't help there either...

  2. Troels Hartman, how cn one man be so, so wrong, but so very, very, right?

  3. I knooow - it's strange. But nice.