Monday, May 17, 2010

Zut Alors...

Dear Parisian Flea Market,

Sometimes, I have the kind of day off that makes it almost impossible to return to work. I am glad you are closed tomorrow, for if you were open? I would find myself awol and shortly thereafter, unemployed. You are not like other flea markets, largely because I could happily/easily spend my rent in an afternoon and only the French could ever be so casual as to allow 80's Chanel to lie on the floor, casually draped across some vintage YSL like a pair of lovers on a spring afternoon. I wanted to join them, I wouldn't normally be so brazen, but in this instance, a threesome felt right.

I will go to work in the morning, but know this, I will return, with more time to spend perusing your wares, oh and some hangers, for the love of Coco...

Yours sincerely,


  1. ahhh ze frenccchh. zoo cazual and yet zo beeautiful. Ow to be more like zem? I donotknow, except badly impersonating zeir accent. *sigh*

  2. I see from the photos that they might charge you an arm if not a leg!!

  3. You have no idea how much of my time and money I waste, trawling the flea markets and brocantes down here in the south. A darn sight cheaper than Parisien ones I tell you, but still an dreadful indulgence :)

  4. Shine a little light - I see you studied at the same Peter Sellers academy as me!

    Roshni - I hopped home...

    Suzie - Oh such fun, I am very jealous, my day was inspiring but the Parisian prices made me gasp, mon dieu!

  5. Is that a mannequin's leg?!

    Know what you mean about having a day off and never wanting to return to work! If only we had no need of money :D

  6. It is a mannequins leg indeed, I wanted to purchase it so very badly but alas, it would not fit in my case...

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  8. OH how I detest that there's an ocean between Paris and I.

  9. oh how lovely to stuble upon your blog

    and so clever

    from one letter writer

    to another