Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodbye Uncle...

Dear Uncle,

I hadn't spoken to you in a long time, life sometimes gets us so busy we forget about what's really important, shameful I know. I got the call today to say that you had died. It makes me sad; I think of all my Father's siblings, you and I were the most alike. Everyone called you odd, with your dark sense of humor and your interest in the arts, apparently when everyone else was out tending cattle; you were known to read books.... I remember the summer after your Father, my Grandad, had passed away. We spent a lot of time hanging out together. My Mother had died two years previously and I think you were one of two people who actually talked to me about that and didn't think because I was little; I didn't have feelings that would need dealing with. You spoke to me like I was a grown up, you made fun of me and you made me laugh and I thought, after years of hearing you were odd from various family members, that you weren't odd, you were rather brilliant. The kind of man who made a 13-year-old cry with laughter with his sarcasm and wit. People are loath to use sarcasm on children, you didn't have a problem with it and I loved you for it.

I asked about the funeral and was informed by my family that there wouldn't be one, you had donated your body to medical science, even in death you're pretty punk rock and your last wish is one that made me smile. I will miss you...

Yours sincerely,


  1. That's a really moving letter. I think even I miss your uncle now x

  2. this is so poignant.....I have recently lost my auntie and hell ya does this resonate

  3. Flora - That is such a sweet comment, thank you x

    Suzie - It is a funny thing, they are probably not the most immediate people you hang out with, but somewhere in memory there are times that are precious. I hope you are okay.

  4. that's the sweetest letter i've ever seen.