Sunday, March 14, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Dear Vikings,

You are very tall. I am tall, but not as tall as you. What is all this talk of rape and pillage? History needs to catch up on itself, ever since we arrived in Scandinavia, doors have been opened, items have been carried, kindness has been dispensed and chivalry has made itself be known. I was worried about chivalry for a while, he appeared to be very poorly or maybe he just stopped being expected. I'm so glad to know he's merely been playing hide and seek, here in the North.

I haven't seen any longboats but there appears to be enough bicycles for everyone. I love bicycles, anything that makes people feel young again and willing to play, is always worth investing in. They also make me think of Summertime, good friends, picnics, outdoor swims, not forgetting ice cream, mercy, don't ever forget the ice cream. I am currently jealous of anyone who holds a North American passport, we have to wait one more week for our extra daylight, whilst our transatlantic friends get to yap on about the stretch in the evening and perhaps remove the first of many layers. Still, the sun that has come out in the Nordic playground shall keep me going until I get to time travel next weekend.

I looked up the word Viking, apparently in old Norse it means to go on an expedition, it struck a chord, now if only I could find my longboat...

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Great post. My uncle thought he was a viking. Yes he was mad. Generally good mad though.