Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Not A Big Deal...

Dear Sex,

I've been hanging out with you a long time. We occasionally fall out and go without seeing each other for a little while which invariably leads to frustration which almost always leads to bad choices. Some say necessity is the mother of invention, necessity is actually a close relative of desperation, who really is like the old Aunt you have to hang out with from time to time but no one really wants in their life. Anyway I digress, a bad habit of mine...

Lately I've seen a new side to you and you of me, and I like it. After a long period of perfectly pleasant, often unsatisfying, very polite and sometimes awkward exchanges, no really it's fine, I can finish myself off...We've finally met on common ground. In a world so big, I crossed his path, he crossed mine and although our time together was brief, it was busy. I've learned a lot about you and a lot about myself and whilst I was never passive nor a pillow princess, I was also never as brave as I should have been. For that I apologise.

The days of little white lies to make others feel better feel like a mean trick I have been playing on our relationship. It's an awful thing to stand in the way of learning. I have no desire to waste the time I spend with you in future, those days are gone and I look forward to future exchanges...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Well said. You just channelled a zillion people!

  2. dear LiWiW,
    I'm bringing it back. I AM SO bringing it BACK!

  3. Sounds like sweaty fun....;)

  4. Umatji - Good to know others feel the same!

    Peewee - I don't doubt it for a second!

    Lisa - All in the name of research...