Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm A Lady...

Dear Balls,

You are not an instantly recognisable part of my anatomy. I being a lady and the such like, but you've sprung to life, in a metaphorical sense as it were, for if it were in a physical sense, well quite frankly there'd be no time to write you a letter. I'd most likely be sitting in a lab somewhere, getting prodded by various scientists, changing my title to Mr. and appearing on the cover of The Enquirer. Take that Brangelina!

You're excited and for much of our next adventure, there is no back up, no usual team, no familiarity. We used to go everywhere together, me and you balls. We used to just show up and ask questions later. We weren't ever interested in problems or lists that were presented detailing everything that could go wrong. Because deep down, we know what some people don't, everything will be alright.

So here we are balls, for the next 6 weeks, new faces, new places, new sights, new sounds, new tastes, new thoughts, new words...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Here's hoping there are lots of new Topiary to be met, hedges to be admired, and green leafy adventures!


  2. Unless, of course, you get kicked in them. (kidding, really, I am)

    Enjoy your new adventures!

  3. sometimes I am just speechless with your letters, and all I can say is that you crack me up SO BAD!

  4. jeez, wish i'd been reunited with mine. sadly they are lying somewhere (quite possibly dorchester maternity ward) gathering dust.

  5. Have fun with your new adventures! I think I need to take a class that can teach me to grow some of those. I could use them now and again.

  6. well my lovelies, I'm off to a good start, plane landed a few hours ago and already me and mr red wine are on the best of terms!