Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Do Not Snore...

Dear Sleep,

We've got two more and then we leave. Now I know you've got your hands full battling excitement but if you don't take a stand tonight, tomorrow will be exhausting. I don't mean to scold you, but you've been fairly elusive the last three nights and then when you do arrive it's only for a short stay of three or four hours before ping, eyes open and on with the day. There is much to do and not much time to do it, so if we make a deal and get in 6 hours tonight, I promise when work kicks off and you are weighing heavy on my lids, on days off, I will take a nap, a short one, but a nap none the less.

So, let's break out the sheep, warm up the abacus, heat the milk and dare I say it, turn away from the computer a good hour before bed. We must, in the spirit of Audrey, arrive in Europe impossibly fresh and ready for adventure...

Yours sincerely,


  1. I guess it is the excitement of going on that great vacation (darn it!!)
    You can definitely sleep on the flight! :)

  2. Roshni - i keep trying to convince myself it'll be mostly work in some vain attempt to remain somewhat professional, instead of screaming, pass the ice cream and have you seen my shades?

  3. Of course a delicate flower such as yourself does not snore! Perish the thought! But I do hope that you sleep deeply enough to get some REM cycles in for a good rest.

  4. Dear Letters I wish I'd written,
    I OWN sleep.

  5. DG - delicate flower? don't mind if i do!!!

    peewee - my ability to sleep on a washing line returned to me last night, ooh typing that took it out of me, i may need to take a nap....

  6. Oooh. Nothing beats a nice, soft, afternoon nap.


  7. Me and sleep often fall out from time to time, the arguments sometimes last all night, unfortunately we only ever really make it up when cracks of light come creeping through the curtains.

    I hope you and yours have come to an agreement.

  8. Cow - in a paddock with buttercups?
    Dear Charles - me and the zzzz's are on the same team again, hurrah!