Friday, May 29, 2009

What A Girl Wants...

Dear Boys,

I like gentleman, but not too gentlemanly. I don't ever want you to infringe on my independence but sometimes I just want you to do stuff for me. I'd like it if we had similar taste in music but I'd also like it if you were into a whole other genre you could teach me about. I want you to like obscure Polish films but stand in the queue waiting for the new Will Smith. If you could be somewhat stylish but not so stylish you look dandy.

I'd like you to take care of your appearance but not spend so long in the bathroom I lose the will to live. I like hygienic but it helps if you look scruffy. If you can talk about how you're feeling without wanting to talk it over to within an inch of your life, that's a winner. If you are funny but can be serious when it counts, that's award worthy. If when you walk into the room my stomach flips and my heart skips, tis no bad thing. If you could have lovely shoulders and are taller than me, then there is nothing I wouldn't do for you. I'd like you to love food as much as I do and not roll your eyes when now and again cupcakes are suggested for breakfast. If you could enjoy a few drinks and a good time but still know to never be the last to leave a party, this would be greatly appreciated. I don't ever want you to tell me what to do but sometimes, sometimes, if you could surprise me with what we are doing that would be amazing.

If you could stand up for me when people say I'm too fussy, I'm yours...

Yours sincerely,


  1. Totally agree. Here are a couple that I would add to my list - please be smart but still silly, thoughtful but not cloying, match my level of energy, interest in travel, financial status and general interest in the arts and if you haven't been sainted by this point, please look into it. OR. . . .Just don't leave your dirty underwear on the floor.

  2. aah dirty underwear on the floor, how did I miss that one?

  3. I for SURE can't be attracted to anyone who has my taste in music. Cuz he would be gay. AND I AM SO DONE with falling for gay guys. sigh. Why can't straight guys like showtunes, Madonna & Britney? WHYYYYYY????

  4. When you find him, send him my way. After you're done with him, of course.