Monday, April 06, 2009


Dear Electric Toothbrush,

I cannot take you anywhere. The shame of it, the absolute, mortifying shame of it. You may have thought it was funny to go off in my suitcase in the packed lobby of a very nice, very busy hotel. I found it not so amusing. Who knew a toothbrush could make such a whirr? Who knew a toothbrush could make a case shake so violently? Who knew that I could turn such a fetching shade of red as I scrambled to open my case prove to my laughing colleagues, that it was in fact an implement of oral hygiene that was causing such a commotion? It's not even the first time you've displayed such behaviour, one more incident and I'm switching to manual....

Yours sincerely,


  1. I'm sure an electric toothbrush wasn't what they were thinking...*wink*

    But, a toothbrush with an attitude is definately worth keeping.

  2. see? yet another reason i'm not a fan of electric things that go in my mouth.

  3. hahahha!! Priceless!
    Hey! Who knows, you may have earned a few brownie points with your colleagues if you had kept them guessing!! ;)

  4. That is both terrible and hysterical! (Sorry to be laughing - it's just unavoidable!)

  5. dear electric toothbrush,
    I'm sorry. It was just too crowded in there. And well, someone had to go. No hard feelings, eh.
    the vibrator

  6. Ah, the mortification. Cow sympathises, having once had a similar occurrence. And why, for goodness' sake, in the hotel lobby, do these things choose to activate? Yet they do.

    Cow's implement of tortured embarrassment was an electronic "white-noise" generator, which also had settings to sound like a tropical rain forest and crashing waves. To ensure sound sleep in the hotel room, you understand.

    Oh my. Cow remembers this as if it were yesterday, the sudden appearance of little gurgling tweeting noises as the rain forest activated.

    In fact, this toothbrush-white noise experience is so embarrassing Cow feels compelled to share both on her blog!


  7. Lisa - they looked at me like the whore of babylon was my better behaved sister....

    Krista - your comment made me choke on my own tongue, funny, funny, funny....

    Roshni - My colleagues are all men, all i have to do is show up and I get brownie points they are so sick of the sight of each others hairy faces!

    Dana's Brain - It is still making me laugh, although I'm barely charging it now....

    Peewee - Sad but true...

    Cow - Thank you for the support and the shout out, mooooo-ch appreciated!

    Vegas Linda Lou - Not as much as the boys did, they are still laughing about it...