Monday, March 02, 2009

It's All In The Gut...

Dear Instinct,

You were right, I was wrong, I should have listened to you. For what it's worth, I intend to listen to you a whole lot more in the future. How many times do I have to learn something the hard way, before I learn it? There you were, my little voice, telling me what I knew, but I, with my ability to, no wait, disability to, and I quote, "see the very best, in the worst of people", ignored you. Seems to me, every time I have gotten into trouble or been let down in this life, is when I didn't listen to you. It must be hard for you to keep coming back and issue warnings that are rarely heeded, certainly in the last few years I have all but dumped you, like a bad boyfriend, when really, what a loyal, loving friend you are.

It hit me like an anvil today, I have to trust you, I don't have to trust anything else, but I do have to trust you. You rarely lead me astray, it's when I don't pay you any notice, that trouble surfaces. So, here it is, my pledge to you, I'm sticking with you buddy, through thick and thin, rain or shine, hell or high water, through good metaphors and bad, it's you and me, from now on, you and me...

Yours sincerely,

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