Friday, January 09, 2009

Lost Property...

Dear Confidence,

This is just a short note to see how you are and more to the point where you have gone? It seems of late, I have mislaid you or you've done a runner and are presently heading to the hills, along with my ambition. I'm sure I had bags of you once, I'm sure you pushed me to do things, that had other people using a pulley system to lift their jaws off the ground. You and I were great companions, I remember the nights when enemies of ours, like self loathing and fear, tried to take me over and you struck them down, like you were swatting flies. I appear to keep their company these days far more than I care to and it makes me miss you.

I'd like to know when you left, I can't remember exactly, you didn't even leave a note, although there surely were signs. Every time I didn't do what I said I would and every time I accepted an invitation that I shouldn't, instead of getting on with the task at hand, I let you down, sooner or later, you ran out of patience and as a result, I lost you. I wonder what I could do to get you back? When I think about you, fear and self-loathing pop up on either shoulder, like two dark angels. Do you remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? I'm sure there was a good and bad angel on Bugs' shoulders, one of them, may even have had a harp. I've always loved the harp, so fabulous and so impractical, it's the Jimmy Choo of musical instruments. I'd like it if you turned up in a karate suit, we could take them on together, like we used to.

If, or when you decide to come back, please feel free to bring my ambition with you, although knowing what he's like, he'll make that decision by himself. In the meantime, I'll put the kettle on...

Yours sincerely,

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