Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Ma Belle...

Dear Michelle,

What a crazy day yesterday must have been for you and yours. It's quite a weight I imagine carrying the hopes of billions. You and yours, are responsible for the world possibly liking America again. All you have to do is undo 8 years of disaster and you should be fine, no small task, oh and if you could sort out the global recession while you're at it, it would be appreciated.

Everyone is talking about change, where you're concerned, I don't think you're about change, I think you very much represent the old school. The school that shows love and support and an occasional kick up the arse, is what life is really about. The values that have been forgotten, the fact that love is not a fairy tale, that it doesn't always happen the way it does in the movies, the fact that sometimes a man needs to be rescued, just as much as a woman does.

Everything amazing was built on a good foundation, it appears you and yours, are Americas new foundation, you get to build a better America, like lego, only probably not as much fun. Through all of this you have shown yourselves to be the kind of people who want the best, for themselves and others. I think for the first time in a long time, there is a woman in the White House who stands on her own as a person, in fact, who stands out as a person.

I like living history, I like that I saw the day America changed and changed for the better, not because of race or creed but because the best man won, what was fair and right prevailed, something, most of us living outside of your country, doubted they would see again. So good luck to you, I look forward to the next four years and as for the outfits? Well, that's the real change, a stylin' First Lady? Now that really is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime...

Yours sincerely,

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  1. You said it!. especially about the CHANGE part.. well it is a change, but its more of change-back.

    At this point I am just glad Bush is gone. NO ONE could do any worst then him so whatever he does compared to bush is doing angels work.

    Oh oh oh ... and about the firs lady. Yeah I am glad she did not have some boring outfit. And also the wife of the VP had a not-so-gradma-boring looking outfit too. These are signs of a good direction?