Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Last Night...

Dear Night,

I think you might be jealous, you seem to be coming between me and day. You keep me up late and sometimes wake me in the middle of the night, thinking about things I can't control and can do nothing about. I have always loved day, you knew this about me when we first met, granted it must be frustrating for you, you get me at my worst, when I am spent and in no mood to talk, you have waited patiently all day, only for me to fall asleep the moment I lie down.

Waking me up is not the answer, it just makes me resentful of you. Last night, for example, you chose to stick Kool and the Gang, in my head, on continuous loop for two hours, this was not at a club, it was just me and the duvet and every single time I attempted to close my peepers, there it was, "get down on it, get down it", for the love of God, why, night, why? What good does it do? All it really does is eat into the time I spend with day, he's started to notice how tired I am, not to mention my constant late arrival, I used to get up with the birds, lately, he's lucky if he sees me before 11. He's patient, I give him that, he's there every morning, waiting, he never lets me down, always full of promise, always a plenitude of things to do, always an adventure to be had, he deserves better from me and so you really are pushing me into a corner, you're making me choose.

He on the other hand has always been understanding of you, he accepts, that sometimes a girl has to stay up all night, there are songs to be danced to, drinks to be drunk, men to be...well actually, I'm going a bit far there, you know what I mean, no sense in embarrassing us all, anyway the point being, relationships are about give and take and you are just going to have to get your head around our little threesome, There is no other option, sure as night follows day...

Yours sincerely,

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